Buy: touring rack

I’m looking for a sturdy touring rack for my beloved commuter. Anyone have anything lying around? I don’t really care if it’s shit or rusty; as long as it can support a milk crate with the weight of about five dead babies in it.

Let me know

p.s. I’m sorry if that offended anyone

Planning in advance for the stint in obstetrics? =P

i have one, brand new and never used. Willing to exchange against two 23x700 inner tubes, long valve! My offer is negotiable.

Dave is so excited about this offer that he can’t even think of something witty to say in response.

Do you mind if the inner tubes are already used?

Yikes, no Jason, they have dumpsters behind the hospitals.

Nick: the inner tubes will be brand spankin’ new. You got yo’self a deal. I will contact you for details of the drop.

good stuff. I think you know where i live. Otherwise i’m at McGill on most days, in 1238 Burnside.