Cable cutters

Sorry to jump onto the tool-borrowing bandwagon, but does anybody have cable cutters I could borrow for 24 hrs? I’ve decided my commuter would be more fun with brakes…


Sorry to throw my 2 cents onto your bandwagon, but I’ll just point out there are a variety of bike co-ops in Montreal where you can get tools and do work.

Mcgill’s the flat is open MTuTh 5-7:30 (Free)
Concordia’s right to move is open 6-9 weekdays, 2-5 Saturday (Free but you are encouraged to get a $20 yearly membership)
There are a bunch more around the island.

1: It can get busy, especially on a warm spring/fall day. If you get a bit early, you can line up.
2: The volunteers mean well, are mostly pretty awesome, and know certain things, but sometimes not others.
3: Co-ops are only useful if you can actually get your bike over there.