CANCELED: Thanksgiving Potluck

Potluck for people without family commitments, or are lucky enough to get multiple meals.

1930 Sunday October 11th at my Apartment. Its cozy, (small) But I won’t put a cap on the people. I’ll provide standing room, paper plates with plastic forks, some meat, stuffing from a box, and cranberries shaped like a can. Bring whatever makes you happy.

I’ll post my address and phone in the team only. If you don’t have access to that just send a pm to me.

So generous of you, Adam! Just in case you are curious about a traditional Canadian thanksgiving, give this a watch:

Pete II you rock.

Last call for dinner. If everybody has got plan’s I’ll be officailly canceling it tonight at 9 so that I don’t have to cook anything more than cereal :roll: .

Sorry Jocelyn, I’m going to let you study for your midterms, There is no Potluck this weekend.