CANCELLED - ITT # 3 - Monday 14 May - 18h00

SORRY I have to cancel this again. The time-keeper is indisposed and i haven’t found a replacement cone yet… I’ll be at the track doing various exercises around 16:00-18:00 if anyone wants to come.

ready for the third ITT of the season?

This time there will be less confusion about where to turn!

Rendez-vous at Atwater market bridge as usual.

p.s. you get 2 second bonus if you identify above cyclist.

Jan Ullrich ?
No one gets a bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

Jan Ulrich?

Just wondering, the whole Estacade is about 10-11km, why don’t we just go straight the whole time… No confusion! :slight_smile:

i was thinking that the arms rather look like those of Vino…

Neal, doing it this way precludes biased results from the wind.

What time? … I’m a maybe at this point.

I’m pretty sure it’s Jan in stage 20 of the 2005 tour. I was actually really intrigued by the painting so I did a bit of research.
There’s Jan during the TT (matching bike, shoe covers, etc…):

There’s Vino at the starting gate (notice yellow gloves and different front wheel)

And there’s Jan dead at the finish, putting his head down.

I was pretty frustrated not to find the exact photograph this was based on though, so I guess we’ll never know. Sorry for the thread hijack, it’s just a pretty awesomely detailed painting.

He must have been riding by pretty slow if somebody had time to paint him

will be there!

Might come. Work Pending.