Casual Base-Spins Tues/Thurs

Back by demand! Tues and Thurs, 7-9am in the main gym. Base miles, with sprints every ten minutes or so. Feel free to join!


i have a bit of advice, if you’ll take it

i suggest doing drills before your workout, since the point of them is to focus on technique, which can be pretty hard to do after a 40mins. and to save some time, you can even make them part of your warm up.

that’s all, sounds like great fun and wish i could join!

ps. you still have my spinning shoes (i’m the mystery person who lent them to you for try outs), and i plan on attending a spinning class in the near future, and if i do i’ll let you know and you can bring them? incentive for us both to get there!

So into this.

That ab workout has unnecessary X’s… so you know it’s good.

Sounds great; drills after warmup it is!

Thanks Victoria, Ive been trying to find you, lol… I even posted on the “other stuff” forum! I it will be great to return them to you. Ill bring them to the gym and keep them in my locker, so whenever you’re at spinning I can give them to ya!

Well, I’ve attended half the spins Ive posted this week! Doesnt look like Ill make it in thurs am. arg.

Ill be there this week!

hey guys, im really sorry but I still cant leave my apartment today; theyve been plowing right in front of my door, and I actually cant leave without it actually being unsafe. im still going to yoga, if theyre done soon, I just still cant seem to get out!
so sorry, i cant believe this!

The guys in the small ‘tanks’ that they use on the sidewalks are completely insane. I had one clip my backpack going 20 kph. Spun me around but I caught a sign pole instead of falling. Now I completely avoid anything having to do with the fools.

Pushing it to 8am unless anyone objects.

This week, Tues Jan 25; base miles and sprints every ten minutes. 6:45-8:45 am, in time for 9:30 classes. Feel free to join!

I’m down this week, may skip sprints

I will commit 100%. Must be ready for SC.

4 Weeks… SASSAFRASS (war cry voice)

P.S. if you are there until 8:45 you’ll be there for some heavy lifting.

Squats, Deadlifts, Clean and Press, Pull ups, Dumbell press.

see you tomorrow morn!

Back again tomorrow(Thurs Jan 27). 7-9 am. Let’s do it.

2 hours will be too long for me… I will be on the bike at 7:35 and ride till 9 and then stretching with you folks. Cheers.

Sorry I didn’t make it. I barely slept last night. I will be there for the spins next week tho!

I’ll be there early tomorrow morning if other people want to come. I’m thinking 7am.

I’ll be there with you Dennis followed by some serious weights. Hoorah.

Lovely, I’m in, from 7-9, but no weights thanks, lol, I have a conference right after.