Catherine's spin

I just wanted to say that Catherine’s workout today was unlike any other spin workout. Ever. In the history of spinning. It was amazing. So thanks for the incredible energy and enthusiasm, and please pass along my thanks to your friends, who were soooo funny!!!

yeah, it was seriously awesome!

Hey I’m so happy you had as much of a blast as I did!!!

My friends are totally crazy ---- I’ll pass the message on to them saying how much the spin was appreciated! The funniest thing here is that they were quite conservative today…haha

We definitely have to organize a bigger version of this in the near future!!!

Cheers and talk to you soon,

peaked my interest (no pun inended), post it pls :smiley:

w-up + drills

set #1: 3’ (75%)/2’EZ - 4’ (80%)/1’30’‘EZ - 5’ 85% w/ middle min 90% out of saddle/1’EZ - 5’ (same)/1’30’’ - 4’ (same)/2’ - 3’(same)

6’ rest

set #2: speed surprise set (relay sprints) + standing contest (Christina crowned the winner, good job!)


SERIOUSLY, however, it was not really about the set, it was about the experience.

  1. peace