Cervelo discount

hey, anyone planing to buy a new cervelo this month?
Cervelo website says they will give 2000$ cash on the purchase of two cervelos from any dealer…
I was thinking about getting a new bike soon, so pm me if you want to join in…

that doesn’t make any sense…

Yet here it is:


So the base R3 would cost $2150?

i heard about the deal a couple weeks back and thought nothing of it (thinking that most cervelo bikes are 5000+, and 20% off isn’t really anything to write home to mom about)… BUT my dad and I went out for lunch a couple days before christmas… one topic of discussion was the failed cervelo test team (it was widely known that the team was seeking a headlining sponsor from day one) and how much bike sponsorship has cost them in the past couple years (probably somewhere in the 10-20 million ballpark) which is a lot of a boutique brand. I don’t know if that was enough to break the camels back, but from an investors point of view, at what point do you take your money and run? Especially when your products are known for aerodynamics that is being matched by many of the top brands, while your durability is highly questionable.


Exactly, thanks Jason! let me know if you’re in the market for a new cervelo buddy!

anybody have an idea what the components and wheels come on the base R3?

yeah, there’s a couple in my town that got a couple of nice looking S2’s from that deal

very astute, drew.


altho i’m not sure about the “durability is highly questionable” part

found the answer to my own question :

Fork Cervélo FK30
tapered 1 3/8" Cervélo FK30
tapered 1 3/8"
Headset IS-3 IS-3
Shifters SRAM Rival
Rear derailleur SRAM Rival
Front derailleur SRAM Rival
Brake Calipers SRAM Rival
Crankset FSA BBright™ (50/34)
Bottom bracket FSA BBright™ FSA BBright™
Basebar/ Handlebar 3T ERGONOVA OE
Saddle fi’zi:k Ardea
Cassette SRAM PG 1070 (12-25)
Chain SRAM PC 1071
Wheels Fulcrum Racing T
Tires Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick

A base R3 has me sorely tempted to be honest…but I neither need a new bike, nor would I really want the complete thing. I’ve also fallen a bit out of love with cervelo as of late too: I’m not a fan of the way they handle fork rake and like Dru said, everyone else has basically caught up with the unique/interesting things Cervelo used to be doing somewhat exclusively.

I’m not sure the durability thing is deserved at all, their bread and butter S1 is an absolute tank and every single manufacturer has had composite design related issues. Trek, Spec and cervelo (among a slew of others) in particular had a rash of catastrophic steer tube related failures not too long ago.

Still, 30% off isn’t a bad deal on their base R3.

Maybe highly questionable was a tad strong (but many have had problems with both seat stays and BB area), I still don’t think of cervelo when I think of bombproof.

I test rode an RS in the summer, I found it had pretty relaxed feel (14cm headtube on 51cm frame) though fixable with a flipped stem, I wasn’t overly impressed. It felt more like I was driving a hybrid than a racing bike. I think you would be better shelling out an extra couple bills and getting an R3, especially as Cervelo just dropped the price from $3500 to $3150(-a grand with a friend, $2150) so you could get the bike for 60% of original MSRP, pretty good but those seat stays are a little too slim for me.

That being said, the P3, S5, and R5 are all sick bikes.

forgot to mention the R5ca

Yeah, if you piss gold.

[quote=drew] but those seat stays are a little too slim for me.


That’s exactly what gives the bike its panache! If my apartment were bigger (and if i hadn’t already spent too much on sports equipment this year) i’d jump on the R3. I read somewhere that the Fulcrum T’s are made especially for cervélo. Anyone know if they’re clincher?

I would upgrade to Force shifters tho, in my experience even 105 beats Rival…

Aren’t Fulcrum Ts basically just F7 rims laced to F5 hubs? Nothing special about those wheels at any rate. Don’t think there is a tubular F7 so its probably clincher.

Oh so i guess the T is not the wheel in the pic?


No, those are 3T mercurio 60s, tubulars. I think those wheels are upwards of $2000 retail, no way they are going to give away a “free” R3 and a rival groupset :wink:

Hi everyone!

The deal is true. Buy 2 cervélos and get 2000$ off. The offer is valid till the end of January. So come visit us at Cycle Neron for more info.


does anyone need a partner to jump on this deal with me?