Check this thing out

I’m a bit of a craigslist stalker these days. I thought I had seen a lot of bikes in my life, but this one is definetly new:

I don’t know, I think this one has to take the award for weird bikes:
The scary thing? The company is still making them. Even scarier? The mountain bike versions get mostly good reviews, even from reputable websites.

fudge, one of my dads buds had a proflex back in the day, i thought it was one of the sickest bikes.

One of my all-time favourite bikes(and the only TT bike I’d buy in a heartbeat):

Zipp 2001/3001

Warning, bike porn!

another, amazing bike:

Cervelo Barrachi

More recent, interesting bike design: Volagi
The carbon seatstay acts as a “rear suspension” and the bike has disc brakes. Personally I think they’re really cool.

Edit: Oh yeah, this one I really like too.

I think I like Eric’s the best so far
And FYI, the above bikes are not allowed in the Club TT

another: cD6zTuuAOKPi0QGww8zPBA#um=1&hl=en&,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=31fbb4eca22288d4&biw=1600&bih=698

If I was the boras on that bike I would self-destruct out of shame for lending my euro credentials to such an ugly, useless bike design. Preferentially while on a descent at 70kph with my inventor on the bike, so that his genes are forever removed from our species gene pool.


Check out Moulton bikes too.

This guy is awesome too :

You can blame the UCI for completely ruining all of the cycling innovation of the 90ies. Now we’re going to be stuck in a perpetual dark age of “laterally stiff but vertically compliant” stupid double diamonds until something supercedes the UCI or the old guys all die off.

Whats wrong with replacing the down tube with wire? The down tube is mostly loaded in tension and its a lousy way to laterally stiffen the BB because it’s generally the longest tube in a double diamond configuration. Their cable spring idea for energy storage is dumb as all hell,though but meh.

This, however, is hands down the most fabulous piece of cycling engineering ever. The Varna Diablo:

I declare Jason the winner

Sure it would have made Pantani look slow on L’Alpe d’Huez or Cancellara on Bois de Wallers.

It doesn’t have to, it’s so much faster everywhere else it doesn’t have to climb well.

Dunno Didn’t it like crash before even completing 400m or so. Can’t see it doing much in a tt against Fabian if its just gonna crash.

It’s the current world record holder I think josef for almost every human powered vehicle record (it did 91 kms in an hour, etc). Just imagine what it could do if it were Fabian in the driver’s seat…

I don’t think Sam Whittingham is a slouch in a TT even with a regular bike either.

In the Diablo he would slaughter any pro hands down in a TT; over an entire flatish stage distance I’d pit a Cat I cyclist against plenty of pro-peleton racers on regular bikes which is precisely why that sort of bike has been banned. The diablo has a Cd < 0.2, I’ve seen numbers as low is 0.11 for it. A typical TT bike + rider has a Cd of at absolute best 0.7. No competition there really. That thing has almost five times less drag than a regular bike in paceline!

Sam + the Diablo hold both the 1hr record AND the fastest un-paced absolute speed record as well as the flying start records.

This is a bike I would consider taking off The Grid:


what do you think of this one jocelyn?
It’s cannondale, so it must be good, right?

that thing looks like a bike ran into a silly putty factory