Cheep Clothing

Hey Folks, Will Goodfellow had a bunch of clothing lying around that he had no use for and he was kind enough to donate it to the team. There is a lot of nice stuff that will be sold, and all profits will be donated back to the team. First come first serve (although you can’t just take everything) and priority goes to people who have paid their team fees. So;

Specialized Skin Suit M $30 - long sleeve, really nice chamois
Pearl Izumi Yellow Jersey M $10
Giordana VW Gillette M $15 - sold
Apogee VW Jersey (red) M $10 - sold
3 X Apogee VW Jersey (neon green) M $10 each - 2 left
Nalini Nickers Blue L $15
Red Specialized Bib M $15
Verge Legwarmer L $10 - sold
Specialized Arm Warmer L $7 - sold
Black Verge Bike Hat $5 - sold
Lotto Hat $5
Helmet Bag $2
Shoe Bag $1
Rudy Project Helmet and Bag $20

I sold the bibs, still have the knickers. The skinsuit is in great shape and the chamois looks unused.

If you want to stop by to check some stuff out just give me a call and we’ll work something out.


I’d love to buy the arm warmers and the red jersey, if that’s all right.

What is a gillette? I would take a VW jersey (green one) if they fit good

ben blake, a gillette is a wind vest. The green jersey is a small. It should fit you.

If ben black isn’t going to grab it, i’ll take said gillette and arm warmers.

Drew can have the “gillette”, but I would love a small jersey!

I can only find one of my leg warmers, so i guess i’m going to get these ones too.

Hi, I would like to see the bib shorts and if it fits I would buy it. I will also take the black bike cap.



Alright guys, all of you who have claimed stuff we can either set up a time to pick up the stuff on campus, or you can pick it up at my place.

There is still a lot of good stuff left, so get it before its gone.

soloway, how close do you live to campus?

mont royal and esplanade.

What helmet is it? And soloway I will trade you my mapei glasses for the small jersey

All the money is going to the team, so I will pay for the small jersey, in exchange for the glasses. I can’t trade directly though.

Also, Its a rudy project, i can’t figure out the model.

Deal, can you meet me monday? let me know when you are going to be coming/going from campus and I will meet you somewhere

Ben Blake, I have a proposal.

I will pay for the jersey for you and take your Mapei glasses from you.

Soloway would never use them. He takes himself seriously.

Alex, I could go to your place a little bit latter today. Is that ok for you ? If yes, at what time should we meet ?

Haha I really don’t care as long as I don’t have to pay for the jersey. You guys are friends, you sort it out

Haha fair enough. Good hustle today, Ben Blake.