Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk

chocolate milk

Papa bear, i hope you read this

There’s nothing like a cold glass of milk on ice after a long ride.

Racers at the Indy 500 have known about this for years:

Only related in a completely tangential way but I think I’ve found the most boring research subject on earth, milk density:

The maximum density of water has long been recognized (3) as occurring near 4° C., but that of milk has not been reported uniformly. Davies (2) reported a maximum density of milk at –0.3° C. and Olson (7) reported one at –0.56° C. Neither writer cited references. Continuity of density at the freezing point has been contrasted with breaks or discontinuities of viscosity, and of electrical conductivity, at this temperature for several organic liquids (5). Aqueous solutions usually have a maximum density ( 8 ). Papers on theory of the liquid state (1), supercooled liquids (4), and spontaneous nucleation of water (6) also suggest that milk may have a maximum density. It was recently reported that milk does not have a maximum density above 0° C. (9), but that there might be irregular changes near 4° C. Investigations at this laboratory have now been extended, to study in greater detail the density of milk near 4° C

I usually drink my milk at 4° C for energy density purposes.