Classique Chlorophylle and GP Ste-Martine

Hey all-

So the QUebec season is starting. You can take a look at the preliminary schedule at

The weekend of UNH there is also a race in Pont-Rouge and the weekend of Vassar/champs, there is a race in Ste-Martine. I might opt for Ste-Martine over Vassar personally.


If anyone is planning on getting into the Quebec racing scene this summer then I’d definitely suggest you try out at least one of these 2 races. They’re both nice long circuits on fairly well maintained roads. Ste-Martine is dead-flat and Pont-Rouge has a tiny 300m hill.

Both races are not at all technical so it would be a great opportunity to see how it feels riding in the Quebec pack. And plus, Ste-Martine is really close to the city, under 45min drive away!

I think I might do St martine personally. Tom and I are likely joining espoirs laval this summer. Not sure if I’ll make UNH or the Pont-rouge race, although if it is flat…hmmm…any idea how far away that is?
Dave are you gonna go to either of 'em?

Hey Peter,

Just to let you know that I’ll be racing Ste-Martine…so if we are enough interested in doing it we could organize something to get to the race…I think it’s really exciting so many people from the bike team want to race this summer!!

  • I did Pont-Rouge a few years ago - true, it is pretty flat, but it is a great season starter! Pont-Rouge is just before Quebec city - it might take you somewhere around 2h30 to get there.

Pont-Rouge is about 2.5hrs away. I won’t be able to make it there because of these damn exams (I hate it when school gets in the way of life) but I’ll probably be at Ste-Martine… after not having touched my bike for about 2 weeks. Damn that’s gonna hurt…

hey boyZ and girlz!

I’m down for Sainte-Martine, because it’s only one day and chances are I’ll be working on saturday :cry:

Dave are you taking your pimp car there?

Ya I’m taking my car to the race. I don’t know how much space I’ll have in it yet though. We’ll see when the race is closer.

anyone going to Pont Rouge?

I think I’ll go to Pont-rouge because I can’t afford to miss the whole weekend again, studying is killing me.

are you planning on going to Pont-rouge mike?

now for my third post in a row since I obviously don’t regroup my thoughts first. what catagory would I be in the quebec races?

give 3/4 a try. I found it really tough last year

Ok, So I’m planning on going to Pont-Rouge this weekend, but I have registration questions and I’d really appreciate some one walk me through this.
It says I can register on site, so that’s sweet. But with the licence, I’m not clear if I can buy a day of licence or not. And then this stuff about printing and stamping is confusing me, what do I need to print? and do I need to buy a season licence or can I get a day of deal? Please some one save me… I’d love to get this licence thing out of the way soon.

PS, who is definitely going?

Hey Jess,

You can buy a day-of license on the site of the race. However, it will cost you around 20$, which is pretty expensive if you plan on racing regularly this summer (the cost of a women’s license is between 100-120$ depending on your category). If you do not plan on racing often this summer, it might indeed be the cheapest way to go about it.

You can also purchase your season’s license on race day albeit it will cost you 5$ extra.

If you want to register for the season via the fqsc website (, download-print and fill-out the registration sheet and send it by mail to the FQSC. Their online payment method is not working presently so you’ll have to include a check.

Last thing, if you are planning on ordering your license (and shipping it etc., as mentioned above), you might want to give them a call to make sure everything is all right for this weekend as they will not have had the time to process your application and issue your member card (which you are supposed to have with you at all races ---- if not they charge you 10$ extra (ridiculous)).

Hope this clears up the issue a little bit!

Thanks Catherine,

So, Just to confirm, If I show up this weekend with some ID and cash and nothing else they’ll let me race?
Good weather ahead, should be fun.

Good point, don’t forget your ID! Last point though is that you’re technically not allowed to wear a jersey representing a team that hasn’t registered with the FQSC (FYI) eg. can’t wear the McGill jersey.

Enjoy the race and the sun!

woohoo 8)!!!