Clothing Order Pickup Round 2 -- Jan 23 19:00

There will be another round for clothing pickup this Sunday January 23 at 19:00

Please show up on time.
If you can’t make it, try really hard to make it. There are a lot of people who still need to pick up their clothing and I don’t have the time to arrange meeting times with people individually.

See you Sunday!

If you can’t make it, try really hard to make it. [/quote]

You are a champion of tolerance and understanding.

Seriously though guys these things are in a big box at Alex & co’s house, let’s do him a favour and get them out of there!

Done. I’ll be there

I have the 23rd / 24th off.

If you need help getting the clothing to the appropriate people (those that can make it on the 23th) let me know, I can probably just spend a good part of the day delivering it to people on the 24th if I know where they will be most of the day.

Just trying to help get stuff sorted out.


Hey Alex

really sorry but Nick and I are in St Anne for the weekend. Anyway we can get em monday? or some day on campus?


I also can’t be in montreal this weekend, if possible during the week would be great


hey alex,
sorry I had hockey tournement this weekend. I live close to your place si if you have 5 minutes even late a nigth I can stop by…

Is there gunna be another time? I was away that weekend. I can always come to whosever place it is and pick it up if thats easier.