Clothing Order Pickup!

Hello Everyone, if you haven’t heard, the clothing order is here. I am going to reserve the following times for people to come and pick up their clothing from my apartment (see previous posts in team only section for address).

These are the days you can pick up your stuff:

-Sunday January 9 at 15:00
-Tuesday January 11 at 19:00

If you still owe money (you should know who you are) please bring it when you come to get your stuff.

same here

I will probably post a few more times in the coming weeks, so check the forum

Alex, I won’t be able to make the given dates. Could we meet up later in the week?

same as pete


How about the same time as last week? Sunday at 3?

can’t do sunday at 3

To Everyone Who has picked up their clothing:

we are missing a womens XL jersey. Please check your stuff to see if I may have given it to you by accident. If you do have it please let me know and we can meet up to get you the right stuff.

Once again, if you have a womens XL jersey that you didn’t order let me know.


That would be me Alex. We’ll meet up at a workout :D.

Or as school

Adam. women XL… Don’t see that fitting good

Thats awesome adam. Sorry for the mixup.

yaaaaaay! I get my women’s jersey after all!! want to bring it to plyo on wednesday, Adam?
mucho thanks Alex and Adam! hurrah!

Perfect. Alex I’ll get my jersey from you eventually but I’ll give this one directly to Alex. ha.

Is there another possible pick up time?

I will be posting another pickup time soon, sorry for making you guys wait.