Club Ride, 10 km Time Trial+small recovery ride. Sunday 25th 4:00 pm

Leaving from McGill gates at 4:00. All levels welcome. Be prepared to time yourself. I’ll post results here. We are leaving in 15 second intervals.

This is this same course as the monthly UM TT.

I did the time trial on Wednesday… now I’m hoping to better my time.

I am planning on cycling up J-Peak on Sunday but it’s not yet fully confirmed depending on weather etc… So if that falls through I’m in for time trial round 2

I’ll come. Ride in the afternoon = win

Yea these 8 am rides on a saturday/sunday never appealed to me. I can understand durning the week

Canceling this ride, i may post a TT later this week.

Ok that’s fine with me cause I’m confirmed to climb whiteface tomorrow. U wanna come? U need a bike rack though.