Club TT, Oct 23rd, 10am

As the colour of the leaves has been turning and the temperature dropping, we are reminded that our beloved cycling season is drawing to a close. I hope everyone has had a chance to ride hard and train hard all summer, as the ULTIMATE showdown is upon us. The Annual MCT Time Trial.

On Saturday October 23rd at 10am, we will meet down to the F1 for the flat time trial which will either be 1 lap of the F1 track, or out and back on the estacade. When everyone is finished this TT, we will head over to the Houde for an uphill TT.

There will be separate scoring for Male and Female.

This is traditionally followed by all of the participants going for brunch, so bring a backpack with a change of clothes and shoes. I think I have a place we could store the bikes for brunch-time, details to follow.

The TT will be “Merckx Rules” to level the playing field, meaning no Aero helmet, aero bars or deep section rims.

YES please… Can it be like 3 laps of the track. ? 12k isn’t that bad

3 laps would be sweet

yeah, three laps. 12km TT is a much more legit event.

One lap evens it out a bit in terms of climbers and non-climbers (eg 1 lap ~6min and Camilien houde ~4:30).

how long are the ECCC TTs?

ECCC TTs really are just prologues and tend to be 4-6km MAX. Keep in mind that in ECCC races you’ll typically be racing a crit later in the afternoon.

This TT should be one (dirty hard) lap.

I agree with Scott, one lap dirtier than your uncle’s jokes.

I’ll help with timing so long as we are provided with stopwatches.

Anyone have a few laying around that we could use?

Details are finalized:
We will meet at the F1 at 10am on Saturday for the flat TT. Meet at the start-finish line , we will do 1 lap of the course to warm up and make sure everyone knows the obstacles/speed bumps etc.

Upon conclusion of the flat TT, well ride over as a group to the houde where we’ll do the time trial from the bottom to the usual finish at the top. When everyone has made it up the houde, we’ll head back down and stash bikes at my place, everyone can change into street clothes and we’ll all get some brunch.

I need one volunteer to help with the timing.

Does anyone know of a good brunch place near Mont-Royal and St-Laurent?

See you all Saturday morning

I still have DAvid F’s Stopwatch that has been used for the UNofficial TT’s on fridays

Stephen, Please bring the stopwatch to KOM tomorrow

I will probably make it but I might have to leave early depending how long it takes.

I don’t remember the name or exact location, but the brunch place we went to two years ago was pretty good. And it used old bike frames for the railing on the balcony.

I do vote that we boycott cora after last time’s fiasco though.

Jon, your task is to find the location of the brunch place, or else you have to ride the tt without pedals :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck!

If everything goes according to plan I’ll be there, allowing me to not only shred my legs but also reclaim my stopwatch.

I am personally feeling fat and slow already from midterms. But this sounds like fun!!

the place we went that time jon, was called La Petite Marche, it’s on st denis, above mt royal. however, i do think we had to make a reservation (we had a large group, and saturdays are busy breakfast days…)

Man I really want to go but I am still recovering from an injury. Good luck and I’ll see everyone at the indoor training!


ugh i will be running late. how are you setting up the f1 tt? 30 second or 1 min intervals? trying to gauge how much i need to rush…