Come have a drink with me before I leave Montreal!

I was hoping to go to Benelux this saturday night to share a couple of beers with fellow McGill Cyclists before I leave. Everyone is welcome to join.

I would love to go and wish you goodbye but I have an engagement party to go to (one might say I have prior … engagements)

GOODBYE JOCELYN. Farewell to my superior in eurocity.

The real plan is Road Race, Beer, F1 Track, Beer.

Yes it is

I’m out of town, but have one on me! :wink:

what road race. A race on the weekend. I’m in

drinking watching the olympic road race

I’ll come if I can though I haven’t known you that long. If I don’t see you then good luck abroad man! Nice meeting you.

Were going to get so smashed were all going to be best friends by the end.

Everyone should come!

wait where are we getting smashed to watch the olympics yes plz

I might make it down-I love Benelux beer; if not good luck Jocelyn…maybe we’ll catch up sometime on Mont Faron or in “l’arriere pays Nicoise”. Cheers!

So what time?

we’re going at 8.