Contador Convicted!

I was tempted to label this topic Holy S***.

so disapointing

Holy shit would have been a better title.

Honestly, I thought they were going to strip him of the tour a year ago, but after a years plus worth of delays it really didn’t seem like her was going to get charged.

Andy Schleck, Grand Tour W(h)inner.

Oh right, Andy gets his tour after all. I guess that was his plan all along, since he knew he couldn’t win it fair and square…
I don’t really know what to make of this, it’s a good thing they finally recognize that he doped, but it comes way too late. Now all the results have to be changed, and the whole 2010-2011 season is just going to go WTF.
Btw, John Gadret 3rd in the Giro = first Frenchman on a Grand Tour Podium in forever…

This makes me sad

I feel that regardless of if they convicted or not it is so unproffessional to have it be delayed this much. A person who is guilty should be able to be convicted and a person who is innocent should be able to not be stressed about it for years.

at least spaniards can be happy that he’ll likely participate in and win this year’s vuelta

Haha, he’ll be fresh at least.

@Bouch I think what you’re looking for is"swift, severe, and certain"-Beccaria.

A year ago he said that he was retiring if he got convicted, how true that is, I’m not sure. Still, I’d say there’s a chance he’s done.

To be fair, the masses believed he was guilty upon the initial report, I just wonder if his fifth at the tour made him seem human, and thus not guilty of doping a year prior.

Schleck did not speak to reporters at the Mallorca Challenge in Spain, but released this statement via his RadioShack-Nissan-Trek team:

“There is no reason to be happy now”, Schleck said in the state. “First of all I feel sad for Alberto. I always believed in his innocence. This is just a very sad day for cycling. The only positive news is that there is a verdict after 566 days of uncertainty. We can finally move on.”

“I trust that the CAS judges took all things into consideration after reading a 4,000 page file. If now I am declared overall winner of the 2010 Tour de France it will not make me happy. I battled with Contador in that race and I lost. My goal is to win the Tour de France in a sportive way, being the best of all competitors, not in court. If I succeed this year, I will consider it as my first Tour victory.”

I think the CAS decided to come down hard on doping due to the lack of movement on the Lance Amstrong Fiasco. That lead to absolutely nothing. Therefore for the means of looking tough and saving face… They came down on Contador.