Cottage epic #2 Friday - Sat

Hey guys,

So here would be the tentative plan. On friday, leave from the gates at 10, go up north (80km) and mess around on the Cat 4’s near my cottage (80+km?). When we’re all ready to cry, we go back to cottage and relax.

On Saturday I need to be back for around 2 pm, so we would leave the cottage at 10:00 am, and just chill for the 80km back, maybe fit in another cat 4.

Let me know if you have any questions. We will need to get food on the way up as Justin, Myself, Louis and Jason completely absorbed everything that was there on Sunday.


I might actually be able to do this. I would potentially leave later and go meet you guys though because I’ve got work the night before.

We could leave later. What time works for you?

It depends how late the night goes, but I likely would be willing to leave around 10. If others join though you can all leave whenever you want all I’ll try to meet you on the road somewhere. The earlier you leave the more cottage time you get!

Leaving at 10 works for me, 8 was just copying last time but that was a much longer day.

Probably can do this

I’ll do this unless a bixi pub crawl is on Friday


I will do this

I however, do not fit into any of the above categories

I’m not so sure about that… I imagine there are a few rhino’s decent at climbing.

Let’s not be too quick on our judgement of rhinos.

Yeah these categories suck. Always have an “I like pizza” option

new category for justin

There are some really really steep pitches around MH if you guys feel like doing some real climbing.
Can’t come working friday.

Wish I could make this one, but I’m out…again! Friend of mine is visiting town, but hopefully another one before the riding year is over.