Crit. Blainville wednesday

Just to know, who would like to do Blainville’s crit. on wednesday night?

probably, what is it?

It’s a crit with a hill … like climbing up peel from sherbrooke to docteur-penfield … on every lap! Have fun!

Also, you can enjoy the less-than-90-degree corner at the bottom of the steepest part of the descent. That part was my favorite last year.

it’s also an “open crit” which means everyone races together (1 pack for senior 3-2-1 and masters = FAST)

Ahhh come on guys it’s gonna be fun!

I’ll have a look at the circuit probably tomorrow night. I’ll let you know if I’ll be there at the start.

It’s the closest race to where I live, I’d better be there.

I’m going Mat. I’ll call you tomorrow to see if we can arrange something

I’ll be there tonight. I did 5 laps on the circuit on monday night. The sharp right turn at the bottom of the hill must be taken around 40 to be safe and stay on the road.

Does anyone know how long is it ?

I hope it’s not more than 20 laps

See you there Matts