CRITICAL MASS this friday

time to take out the city cruisers and protest car imperialism!

Square Philips corner Union/ ste-Cath @ 5:30

I’ll be there, as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

this afternoon departure at 6, so there might be noone at 5.30

I’ll be hanging around there at 5:30pm as usual, freezing my ass if anyone whats to come early


I didn’t bring my roadbike to work this morning… so
I’m gonna skip…
Doesn’t seem like the weather (road) to ride with thin tires.


you’re kidding? the weather is beautiful for slick tires … :wink:

oh man, that was SO much fun. I can’t believe that’s the first time I have done that. I want to do it every week now! Everybody should come out and try this! it’s amazing. I love the looks of people on the sidewalk, and especially when once in a while someone cheers or starts clapping and all the bikers start cheering. It was so cool.
hope to see everyone out there next time.

now imagine when there are 10 TIMES MORE PEOPLE and sick traffic like during F1 weekend!!

and cops who arrest taxi drivers because they are driving too close to the protesting cyclist at the back, that was pretty much the only time they were on “our” side …

My tootsies were pretty chilly out there sans booties, but it was darn fun. McGill was rolling five deep, too!

next time we’re gonna roll 10 deep