CRITICAL MASS this friday

if i’m not mistaken, this friday sees critical mass again. So dedicated worshipers, black riders of the iron horse, prepare your magic potions and congregate on

corner ste-cath / Union, square Phillips at 5:30

and conquer the netherworlds infested with fat little hobbits. :evil:

for anyone interested, some might be dumpster-diving afterwards. Word is oranges and mangoes this week. I got a nice little charriot i welded over the holidays i want to try out! Weather will be mild, good opportunity for the vitamins.

i think you wanted to do this once

I am so there. And I will try and bring friends.

Looks like the weather will be relatively nice. Hmm…

…I’ll bring the potion.

As usual, I’ll probably be there unless the assignment I really have to do that evening takes way too much time.


Dang, I think im gonna try and come this time… are we ever allowed to hit cars with our first of fury?

Ooops, ill be training at this time. Sorry.

lame, mike, lame. maybe you can just do intervals sprinting from the back of the pack to the front over and over again.