Cross-Country Skiing

Snow-appropriate cross-training?

Anybody interested? Anybody do it already? Anybody know where a stingy young fellow such as myself might get some skiis on the cheap around here?

It depends how relatively cheap you want to go. You can get an ok new kit for ~350$ at lacordee. Something about equivalent to a hybrid bike.
Otherwise you can try and find used stuff. La Poubelle du ski has some, but I don’t know how good the prices are or how good the material is.
And then, you’ll probably get similar deals as at lacordee from places such as MEC or le yeti.

I think you might be able to rent skis and everything at the McGill gym for a decent price? Not sure how many times you are planning on going but it might be cheaper than buying…

I just bought new skiis…now I need to figure out how to use them again, its been ages :oops:

I paid 300$ flat for new skis, bindings boots and poles (all of my old stuff was craptastic)

I’m planning on testing my cross country skiing legs this weekend (probably Sat). You can rent them from the athletic center for something unreasonable like $5 (don’t quote me). I figure before I shell out the dough, I want to make sure this is something that I will do pseudo oftenly.

If you’re going on mont-royal, they haven’t started tracing yet that I know of.
You can find a pdf here updated daily with trail conditions:,2151455&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

if you are a member of the mcgill outdoors club, you can also rent them from there, i’m pretty sure. also very cheap, but membership is around $30 to $40.

I think I’d also just rent them until I figured out how much I’d be going out. I definitely wouldn’t buy new. Any other good used sources? Kevin mentioned the ski team sale, but I don’t know if that’s coming up or what.

Would anybody else be up for an outing this weekend? Do they make training wheels for cross country skis?

Oh man. I’ll be bringing my skis up when I return after the holidays- I tend to do more skate-skiing, but I’m not picky. What places are there to go to…besides the mountain?

i usually go to St-Bruno for skate-skiing… I might end up there 2-3 times a week
got a membership for bromont as well…

That’s what the snow is for.

I walk through the park to work everyday, so I will post here when I see that they have started grooming the trails. And I won’t be heading out this weekend if they haven’t.

You can ski basically all of the places there are dedicated park bike paths - lachine canal, the parkway in LaSalle. There is ungroomed trails at Park Jean Drapeau too.

i would like to ski as well!!

the only thing is, i`m afraid i dont really know how… if someone wants to teach me, id be interested in renting skiis and tagging along. cmon, who wouldnt love to teach me how to ski!!

i do pick up on most sports relatively quickly. i did try it once, in grade six i think, and i dont think i was that bad. anyways, it sounds way more fun, and peaceful, and tranquil, and outdorrs exercise feeling that i so love than boring old spinning. and who knows, maybe i`ll a super talent for xcountry skiing!!! (haha)

i will probably be renting too until i`m ready (financially and skill wise) to invest in a pair.

hey, i will be doing some trainning too when there will be more snow since i don t want to break my skiis. If you vict, i could help you a bit, but i think the best one is john S since he was trainning with the canadian team!

There aren’t many places with skating trails around montreal that I know of. There is Oka. Oka also has nice classical trails, and has some tracks open on evenings. Within easy access in montreal, there is Mt-royal, the park at maisonneuve and the park at angrignon.

I live really close to Agringon park I’m up for outings there - its about time you all shlep out to my corner of the woods.

Vic, I’m basically starting off again from scratch so we can be noobs together!