Cross Training

Hello All,

I am Adam Bouchard and I teach martial arts. I am in discussions with the SSMU about offering minicourses for both

1)Practical Self Defense (not very much cross training but extremely effective)
2)Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (a lot of cross training)

They have concerns about the ability of either class to draw in enough people.

For cyclists I would recomend the Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, a fighting art designed for close quarters and primarily fought on the ground, with an emphasis on leverage making it effective against opponents much larger and making strength an asset but not a necessity.

It employs a need for an incredibly strong core, ability to breath and relax under pressure, and recover from a very high heart rate and heavy breathing in seconds rather than minutes.

It also teachs one to be comfortable crashing into the ground, either by being thrown, or by a biking accident.

The course would be introductory, no martial arts experience required.

If people are interested please sign up (no obligation) and it will help me get the course offered. If there are questions, there is lots of space below.

what would the self defense course be about?? any idea on prices or equipment needed (for either one) ?

Self Defense: T-Shirt and pocketless pants, should be strong so they can’t be ripped.
jiu jitsu: Same with the option of wearing a mouthgaurd and groin protection for the guys. Everything is done slowly for learning but accidental bumps do happen. Personally I always wear and cup and the mouthgaurd is based on what we are doing. (groin 15 - 20$, mouthgaurd less than 5$)

The self defense course would be based on the the concept of “get in, get out, go home” What that means is the confrontation should take seconds to be over and should make it possible for the person being attacked to run away safely. So it would focus on martial arts techniques and mindsets meant to disengage from the enemy. I would draw on my experience with Kempo (strikes and flow), Aikido (footwork and body position), Brazillian Jiu Jitsu (ground work), Arnis (stick and knife fighting), Judo (throws), and Small Circle Jiu Jitsu (jointlocks) to offer a well rounded curiculum to provide a response to as many situations as possible.

Hope that answered your question.

sorry, one more…any idea on the price for each class? or if its for a semester, price per semester?


The person I’m talking hasn’t told me yet. The other martial arts classes seem to run 45 to 60$ for a semester, 9, 90minute classes. I am hoping I can do something to make it lower but I don’t have enough information yet. I would bet that it could go lower if we knew that there was enough interest to cover all the overhead and offer a lower price. Thats why I’m using this forum to recruit interested people.

I’d be interested in the Jiu Jitsu if we can get enough people - I haven’t thrown anyone around in a loooong time.

Thats AWESOME!!! Jason your the first to sign up, way to be.

hey adam, im probably going to sign up for brazilian jj, but i wont confirm anything cause I need to check my schedule next semester…but yeh, im very interested

That great, don’t worry about the commitment; I am using this to get a list of interested people so that I can go to the minicourse people and say that it would be worth it to offer the class. I’ve got about 6 other non cyclists who are interested. I need a minimum of 12 to sign up at activities night next semester, so if I can go with a list of possible names they approve the course. Whether or not those names actually sign up and join is irrelevent.

Sounds awesome!!! If it can fit into my schedule, I’m in!

sounds very cool. Do these classes usually happen in the evening, or weekends, or what?

I’m going to make sure that it happens in the evenings late enough to be after labs and conferences, and also early in the week before we go to races on the weekends.

Cross training means cycling first. So if there is a day during the week that wouldn’t fit in with the team let me know.

Next semester the spinning classes will be Friday and Sunday mornings. So the evenings should be free (er).

The amount of interested people makes me very happy. I have a facebook group created for the purpose of gathering people for these courses. Whether you are interested in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, or the Self Defense, or both, feel free to join the group,

Martial Way Self Defense Center, Montreal.

That is the name of the school I attend. I used it to give credit to my instructor.

As I continue my negotiations with the SSMU people I will post information here and on the facebook group.

Its going to be awesome teaching again. Thanks for all the support.

I just got word back that the BJJ will run on Tuesday nights next semester. 8 - 9 o’clock. The length might increase but I don’t know yet.

so it would happen once a week?

so it would happen once a week?

Yes but not starting until the last week of January or so. The final signups are during activities night and then the classes start soon afterwards.

I actually need to submit a paragraph describing what the course is like. I could take it in two directions, the first half will be getting used to positions, techniques, and being on the ground, but the second half has the possibility of focusing on competition style brazillian jiu jitsu, or on self defense oriented BJJ (essentially just the implementation of strikes). Let me know what you would be more interested in and I will submit the final plan to SSMU in a few days or so.

id say that the two most important things that i wish to get out of this is a better chance to defend myself in the case that its needed( i come from a country that as nice as it can be, knowing some self defense techniques are valuable assets) but nevertheless, to get into a superb physical condition towards better results in the ECCC competitions should also be taken into account… u know more about BJJ than me, so u can say if these two can go together…as well, it would be nice to hear several opinions from others about this…

Anyway, thanks for this chance, its sounding like its going to be fun next semester!

do you know if you have to be a mcgill student to sign up for these courses?

They are open to everybody, you do not have to be a student.

And as far as superb physical conditioning goes: What will happen is the classes will be less intense in workout quality early in the semester as everybody learns and then once people are comfortable with the material and working with eachother we can step it up. I am hoping that there will be enough people that we can have pairs of low intensity people, and pairs of high intensity people.