Custom wheel builder

i want a new toy so does anyone know of a local wheel builder in montreal? maybe even toronto?

the best guy is supposed to be at cycletechnique… i forget his name.

but kim at cm29 (i think thats what the shop is called) on beaubien and st dominique is good and only $15. he specializes in high end road bikes and is a pretty sweet dude


If you can wait a little while Chris our head of marketing (Scott) is ironing out final details with cycletechnique about our sponsorship. He might say something tonight at the intro meeting but I’m not sure. Otherwise 15$ sounds awesome.

sweet thanks guys. yea cycle technique is the shop i frequent but didnt realize he was special at wheel building.

News on the Sponsorship. We will have it, but not yet, you should just go on as if I said nothing at all.

we always do adam…lol