Cx chemin Olmstead Tuesday Jan 24 6:30pm - statue

Come join me for a winter evening Cx training ride on the mountain. All you need is a cross or mountain bike with front and rear lights. The reflective snow provides surprising visibility, and the mountain is not very busy after dark! It’s also way more fun than riding your trainer in front of Netflix. Pace: intermediate to advanced.

Oy. I wish I had seen this earlier. Next time.

damn. dame here. send me a text next time!

Sorry this post was so last minute! I plan on going every tuesday and thursday nights at 6:30pm, weather permitting. 10 cm of snow tomorrow! Should be fun.

I’ll be joining as soon as I figure out what’s wrong with my bike, having some mechanical issues at the moment.

I’m definitely there at 6:30pm tomorrow night (Thursday). It’s going to be a good workout with 5cm of fresh snow, I guarantee.

if any of you nite riders are interested I have a pair of studded tires for cross bike 700C for sale.
$42.00 nokian

This is happening tonight for anyone interested!

I’d come but I wouldn’t be able to keep up with you on my beater. Its not quite built for speed.

hey this sounds pretty good. 6:30 at the statue.

Yes this was awesome! I’ll do this again this thursday if weather allows.

by awesome I think he means this was really hard. kind of like slogging through mud with two flat tires.

This is happening tonight!