Cycle Neron BG Bike Fits!

Hey everyone!

Phase I:

Cycle Neron has offered to give discounted rates for their typical $130 Specialized BG fit setup. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the price here (since it’s a public forum) but they’re great deals for both Team & Club members and exceed the usual store discount.

The date is to be decided (fortunate, since finals are among us) and will be done at the new Neron shop on Courcelle. They are able to 3-4 people at a time so if there’s enough interest I think that this’ll have no problem going through.

If you’re interested, sign up and I’ll eventually PM you with the details. As I said, if enough people are interested then I’ll move on to Phase II (getting a date from Neron).


Hey, I’m interested but am wondering how often I need to get my bike fitted?
I got it fitted last summer when I first bought it but my right knee has been sore when riding this spring… Does anyone know if it is a bike fit issue or a riding posture issue?


Fitting normally only needs to be done once. Afterwards, you can carry the measurements over once you change bikes. Adjustments can be made once you gain more experience and you reach a level of flexibility where you can drop your bars, move them forward a bit. The seat position should be relatively final. Of course, half an hour of fitting in a shop will not necessarily place you exactly where you should be, and you might want to play a bit with the adjustments, but it shouldn’t be more than a milimetre or two.

There are many issues that can cause knee pain. Bad fitting is one of them, posture is another. It is also commonly related to bad cleat positionning. Road cleats also can be much better on long rides then most mountain bike pedals. Just sudden changes in riding patterns (winter off to riding a lot) can also be a cause. Pedalling on two high a gear/at a low cadence too.

Depending on the type of knee pain and the reason, certain excercises and stretches can help. So, while fitting is crucial, if you’ve already been fitted, you might want to see a physio if the pain persists to try and determine what’s the cause. Often, rest and progressive training can solve it too though.

Unrelated to the previous two posts, but… To clarify an earlier point I will be sending the PM out by this Monday (hopefully mid-day). If you’d like to get on board please sign up by then.

message sent out

When is this happening? I also need to make a trip to Cycle Neron for unrelated purposes.

The date is likely to be confirmed after I send them the details of who is going

This is important to everyone who signed up AFTER Monday.

The whole point of this two column system was to send out the price details to those who were interested without making it public. The info has already been sent. This means that if you chose to sign up for price information AFTER Monday you need to send me a message so you can make your decision.

Any chance of this happening again?

Working on it, will have details out soon.