Cycling and the health of your bones

Interesting article on the effects of cycling on bone health

Any thoughts?

perfect reason to follow up that bike ride with a nice little run. Perhaps even try adding a swim somewhat earlier in the day? :lol:

enough of that scott, you’re already on probation…

I count myself as having heavy bones … so I fine for now. :lol:

You and me both AJ, we’re big boned.

And if anyone doesn’t want to be on probation with Scott, I do some heavy lifting at the gym (performance not aesthetics) and everybody is invited.

I agree with Adam. Weightlifting is a known bone-strengthener, and also tends to make you jacked.

Thanks for the article. I’ve just started trail running, putting an end to years of nothing but disdain for the whole sport. I really like it. I have been noticing pain in my joints, and suspected that it was the result of years of disuse. I’m glad to have some scientific backing - hopefully running will toughen up my bones.

Start slow with that running Mike. As a cyclist, you probably have the fitness to run far beyond what would be safe with regard to injuries. Although it helps that trails offer a softer surface, the golden rule (dare I say law) is a no more then 10% increase in mileage per week. A proper pair or shoes is important also. I love trail running.

Also Mike, as silly as it sounds, reading some articles on proper running form is really useful, especially for trail running because of the changing pitch of the trail. Going up the muscles are straining on the joints, going down the impact is crunching the joints. Doing it right stops the pain.

Follow up article regarding bone density and cyclists

The University of Oklahoma study that the articles refers to:

Also, very important point for us mentioned in the Velonews article: vitamin D supplementation during the fall and winter months (October to April) is highly recommended (1000IU/day) because not only do we get low sun exposure, but the sun exposure we get isn’t worth much because (UV B rays don’t fully reach the surface here during fall+winter)
vit D facts:
vit D and exercise:

I just drink lots of milk, yaye for artificially fortified foods!

Here’s another way to help your bones: Beer

Beer may be good for bones: study

So don’t feel guilty the next time you suck down a litre of IPA after a long ride or otherwise.