A term by my personal favourite cycling blog, cycling tips. This is in response to a conversation that alex and I had during our ride today, not to the banter that happened as a result of the masters ride and I don’t intend to call anyone out.
(note, when they say stay left of cars, the blog is from australia, so for us that means right)

If anyone finds the link to the past thread on this, feel free to post it.

For the benefit of all those involved:

Leave the ipods at home, the sound of your wheels spinning should be music to your ears. Cycling is dangerous as it is, and not being able to hear cars makes it even more so.

Go on rides within your level. We’re here to push each other, and everyone has bad days, but please go on rides within your limit.

Red lights. We’re all adults, and at the end of the day all make our own decisions, but if you’re on a group ride please take safety measures to assure those with you do not get hurt. Running red lights and burning stop signs is not endorsed by McGill Cycling.

Don’t fuck with automobiles. My dad once told me, “If you fuck with a car, it’ll only retaliate to the next rider down the road, and twice as badly.” Plus, cars, trucks and motorcycles are all larger than us, i’m no physics master but I think that it means we are fucked.

Keep your line, keep your head up and keep pedaling down hills if you’re at the front: Nuff said?

Paceline: X 2 when you’re on a chill road. X1 when you’re not.

If you drop somebody, wait up and shelter them, generally there’s a reason that they’re getting dropped- help them out with it.

EAT EVERY 30 MINUTES-HOUR: ask jocelyn how it feels to be referred to as the Bonk King and the butt of every joke.

BRING MONEY ON RIDES: We stop for coffee, and Jocelyn normally doesn’t have money.

When wearing the McGill kit: Please adhere to all rules when riding in the team kit, you’re representing all of us and those who support us, think with your head.

Point shit out: If there are potholes, rocks on the road, roadkill, cars parked, railroad tracks, there are hand signals that correspond, ask an experience rider if there are questions on this. Also if you’re breaking, hand signal. Yell for car up/back when needed.

When overshooting a road: Continue on and stop/ turn around when safe, abrupt stops lead to crashes, both by other cyclists and cars.

When posting a ride:

Make sure you post TIME, DAY, MEETING PLACE, CATEGORY (Beginner-Advanced simply doesn’t work), RIDE LENGHT(Distance and estimation of time), RIDE NAME(if applicable, or at least where you’re going) and anything else that could be useful. Coffee ride? Weather?

ALSO:If you post a ride, show up for it.
If you write that you’re attending a ride, try your best to be there, and be on time(we will leave without you). If you aren’t going to show, post- somebody on the ride will likely check before they leave and nobody wants to wait for someone who isn’t there.


If the ride posting says McGill and/or gates, it means the Roddick gates.

As a general formula we’ve gone with this in the past:

Beginner 30km/h or less
Intermediate 31-36km/h
Advanced 37km/h+

The speed represents what you can pull at, not what you can get pulled at while in the back of the peleton.

Also, speed isn’t everything. The more advanced you go, the more technical the rides will be. ex. taking corners, descending and closer pacelining. Ride within your limits.

Enough said.

It’s just coz Jocelyn doesn’t have pockets for food in his hair tights :wink:

I really did enjoy riding with y’all today! And good pulls too Jocelyn.

Jocelyn bonked so hard the car ran out of gaz

Why does Jocelyn request breakfast in bed?
Because he’ll bonk on the way to the kitchen.

Why did Jocelyn cross the rode?
He didn’t, he bonked halfway across.

to his credit, he sat on the front often today

oh you guys made me giggle.

Well said. Thanks Drew!

The reason I bonk so hard is because I abide by The Rules. Rule 5 forbids me from stopping for such lowly things as eating.
Also, if it’s not steak, I’m not eating it.