Cyclist vs. Politician

Did anyone know about this courier that was killed in Toronto? I guess it happened at the beginning of the month but I didn’t hear about it until recently. Pretty scary…

what a bizarrely written article.

Yeah, heard about this a while ago but it happened amid the chaos of me getting back from vacation, personal life drama and work drama so I never really paid much attention.

A few of my friends from TO mentioned that it was somewhat of a blow up over there. Beyond the cyclist versus drivers issue, this thing really enraged and galvanized people over “class divides” - you can’t get much more of a disparity in backgrounds, etc than the two guys in question in Canada. There have been all sorts of accusations of smear campaigning against the cyclist and that justice will not be done. There is going to be a lot of dissatisfaction no matter how the case turns out.

Not sure how I feel about the incident specifically - seems like both parties exercised pretty bad judgment. The only difference, is one guy was at the helm of at least a ton of metal and the other guy died as a result.

The lesson from all this hat I’ve tried to learn many a time is to leave the temper and the aggression out of view and especially off the road.

*edit, yeah Ben it does seem strange, but for whatever reason there has been a consistent effort by most of the media to make Bryant look like a nice, averageish guy - he’s about as average as I’m fiscally liberal. :roll:

There is a good thread on this topic on

At first I thought Bryant was probably just trying to get away from this drunk belligerent guy because he thought he was in some sort of danger, but I am questioning that given some youtube footage of the accident.

Hard to say what really happened, but whatever it was, it’s a tragedy that someone had to die…

wow, ppl on that thread are insane

I can’t make heads or tails of what is going on in those vids - almost the entire region surrounding the cyclist is blurred beyond recognition.