Cyclists not the only atheltes screwed over the idiots who run CGV

This event is held here on the same weekend every year for as long as i can remember… (my family has been involved in canoe kayak for the past 20+ years…) its a shame the city can’t stand up for amateur sports in conflicts like these!

And everyone was so shocked when I was jumping for joy that the F1 got shit-canned…

I think it’s unfortunate that this happened, but I can understand why. Look at the number of paying customers who attend the Grand Prix. It makes financial sense that the city would pander to them, rather than amateur athletes.

Sure Pete, but you also don’t fuck people over at the last minute once you agree to something; especially for reasons that appear to be nothing else but bad management.

This is entirely the parc’s fault for not doing their repairs in time.
After that, I’m not that surprised either that the city would give them their blessing. It’s all about the money anyway.