Cyclocross (!) upcoming races

The 'cross season is officially here! For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a cross between road/mountain biking, involving lots of mud, jumping on and off your bike at speed, and carrying your bike up/over obstacles. Great fun!

If you don’t have a cross bike and this sounds appealing to you (how could it not?), you can bring a mountain bike and you’ll be allowed to race. In fact, in the Quebec races mountain bikes aren’t much of a handicap since the courses are quite technical (by a roadie’s standards).

Here are a few upcoming races. Let me know if you’re interested.

Sep 30- Chateauguay
Oct 7- Terrebonne
Oct 20, 21- Williston, VT

i might be really interested in the one at terrebonne on oct 7. Just got to make sure with conflict and i have a mountain bike equiped with cyclocross well (full hard tail, no suspension that would be awesome to ride there).

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I wish I could, but I don’t think it will fit before my conference in Nov.

You do make it sound pretty sweet. I think I’m interested, but I really don’t know what I’d be getting myself into. I haven’t been in any kind of race any where ever before. Am I tough enough?

It depends. If you’re willing to suffer a little (which is inevitable in any form of bike racing) and risk getting a little dirty then I’d say you’re tough enough!

If you want a sort of introduction to cyclocross then I’d be up for meeting on the mountain and showing you some of the ropes sometime next week.

Or if you’re keen on seeing a race but not necessarily being in it then I’d be glad to give you a ride out to one of the races so you can get a taste of it and maybe hand off a bottle or two. In fact, this weekend is in Chateauguay (under 30min drive) and would be a great opportunity!

Hey Dave,
I may be interested in the race on the 20th (I don’t know for sure yet, and I have also never done any cyclocross before). Could you post the link to that race…

i also might do that race. i am mildly interested…

i’m pretty that i want to go at the terrebonne one, since my parents would be happy to go there and see me for once, but i just gotta figure out with the lake placid comp which i would just want to attend on the saturday (XC and dual slalom i think) and skip the DH, but some of us want to do DH so I’ll have to confirm this

Hey Dave,

As for checking out the race this Sunday, that sounds like a good idea. What would be approximate depart/return times? I have a commitment at 6pm.

And maybe a ride on the mountain would be a good idea. I’m assuming that cyclocross is less technical than the riding the mountain bikers do on the mountain, yes?? 'Cause that’s proving to be enough of a challenge for me these days…

However, I do like to suffer – when it comes to riding – and I don’t mind being dirty. Not at all.

'kay, let me know about Sunday.

Great, so you can come with me on sunday. The race will be over by 2:00 so you’ll have no problem getting back home for 6. Send me a PM with your phone number and we’ll get in touch!

As for the race on the 20th, go to and search for the “catamount cyclocross weekend”. You’ll find all the info there. I’ll likely be doing at least one of those races, and maybe both if I can find someone to share a motel/tent with.

You’re killing me here Dave. I’m going to work my ass off so that I will be able to go to the 20th race. I’ll keep you posted.

Hold on…let me back track a little more. Dave, can you get me some details for the Thanksgiving (Sun) race? I have to convince my parents (their in for the weekend) that the best way for them to get some quality time with me is to come watch me race.

Ha! nice. Well good news is that the race is about a 30min drive away, in Terrebonne. You can find details at

Looks good, I’ll see what I can do. I’m assuming I would be in the senior mens category (1230 start)? Also, do you know if there are one-day license available or should I get my ass in gear and get my self a real race license?

Are you guys still going to show up at the terrebonne race on sunday? I will probably go so i just wanted to know if someone else was up for it?

I’ll be there.

Same here. I’ll be there too

i’m gonna want some pictures of this!

it’s hard to take picture while you race but my parents will probably be there, so i’ll give them my camera :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job everyone who decided to go to the cyclocross race in Terrebonne (I know Catherine H. did, dont know who was there other than her).