Dartmouth Green Monster race summary

Hey guys, here’s a quick summary of our exploits on September 30th in Vermont.

On September 29th and 30th a contingent of McGill Cycling Team members traveled to the Ascutney Mountain Resort in southern Vermont for the Dartmouth Green Monster, organized by the American Ivy League Dartmouth University. The five riders were generously hosted by the Adler family on Saturday night to break up the 3.5 hour drive, and allow for a more leisurely 7 am departure on race day. While they had to wake up before the sun, daybreak did eventually arrive, and the racers were treated to perfect fall weather for their race.

Expecting miles of classic Vermont singletrack, all the riders were a little disappointed with the courses laid out for them at Ascutney Mountain. The cross country course started with a winding doubletrack ascent out from the starting line, which then dumped the racers into a section of loamy, loose, and poorly constructed trail that seemed like it had been cut the day before. This was followed by a power-sapping, morale crushing grind up through wet fields of heavy grass, leading into some more underwhelming woods sections which didn’t play to any of the McGill racers exceptional technical riding prowess. The most entertaining part of the course came at the very end, where the riders crossed over a large wooden bridge that suddenly dropped away, leaving a long, steep grass landing strip just begging to be launched at great speed.

While the course wasn’t particularly well suited to any of the McGill riders, the 3 female racers handily swept the Women’s B field. Christina Norris, Leslie Norris, and Nadine Chalmers sailed over the finish line in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd out of 10 riders, 3 of whom didn’t finish the race, apparently even more demoralized by the climbs than the resident McGill downhiller, Ben Adler. Sebastien Bealieau placed a respectable 5th out of 16 in the Mens C, while Adler suffered to a midpack 10th out of 20 in Mens B. He tried to redeem his mediocre performance with a rousing attemp to outsprint UVM rider Lance Jennings to the finish but failed by 2 seconds, and succeeded only in briefly entertaining the small crowd of spectators by flying off the bridge and landing far away.

After the cross country, the racers were quickly introduced to an even more painful event in the form of the short track: a sprint around a grassy loop less than 2 km long, 20 minutes for the women and Men’s B, and 15 minutes for men’s C. For Adler, who placed 9th out of 13 in Mens B, and Bealieau, 3rd out of 6 in Men’s C, this race proved to be significantly less fun than the cross country course, mainly because of their lack of cyclocross bikes. Nadine Chalmers, however, was perfectly content with the lack of technicality, and proceeded to crush the Womens B group, finishing 1st in her category and 3rd overall, just behind two Women’s A racers whose bikes were each worth well over 5 times her own.

On the way back to Montreal, the exhausted racers were extended a surprise invitation to a second dinner at the Adler’s house. While relating their weekend’s exploits over pasta and a spicy tomato sauce, all realized that even though Ascutney’s mountain biking offerings leave something to be desired, the weekend was a rousing success.

hahaha, nice one ben, but i only did 15min in the short track and nadine did 20 min :stuck_out_tongue:

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nice Ben, awesome race report

You guys rock my world!! :stuck_out_tongue: