Dear Diehard Spin-lovers:

If you were planning on going to spin this Friday (march 27th) I’m sorry but there won’t be an instructor for you. I was supposed to fill in for Hons, but I am dropping the ball. It is the final exam for my french course tomorrow, and I am not ready the way I thought I would be. The exam is at 9:30, and I will be studying during normal spinning hours.

Feel free to have your own unofficial spin class, or (my recommendation) ride your bike outside!
My life has been getting the better of me these last 3 weeks or so since Rutgers, but I think I am finally getting a hold of things, and once french class is over the first week of april, I will have much more flexibility. I will try to be more organized in the future.

I apologize if you didn’t see this in time and showed up only to find there wasn’t a class.

By divine providence I slept in this morning.

is there a spin class tomorrow (29th??)?