Devinci Sylverstone 1 for sale

I am a begginner and I bought a Decinci Sylverstone 1 as my first bike… This is a great bike to start with. Its has only 800km… its basically brand new… If anyone is starting this year I got the bike you need…

Contact me for more info :slight_smile:

What size is it?

The size is XL

How much and do you have any pics?

I would like to sell the bike with the speedo meter, helmet, water bottle racks for 700$… The bike is almost new since it is going into full maintenance this week so it will be like brand new… With the equipement and taxes, I paid over 1000$ earlier this year. I dont have any picture of the actual bike because I am out of town this week to finish my internship… But I can show you one from the internet it is basically exactly like a brand new one… There is only two little scratches on the handle bar…email me and I will send you picture of the bike from the internet and I will try to get new pictures of the actual bike this week I will ask my dad to take some…

my email is

I can deliver in MTL when I get back to mcgill or earlier if you want…

have a nice day

I have revised my price a little I can let it go at 600$ with everything (helmet and speedometer)