So I’ve been vocally making fun of the system since it was first launched - but I actually got to try it first hand yesterday.

I have to say I’m really impressed with the shifting. Its the most solid, fast shifting I’ve tried from any system. Seems you can shift quite well while sprinting as well owing to the power actuation - at least as far as I saw. Auto trim is pretty sweet too

The problem is - it doesn’t shift that much better than a well set up force or red setup (I can’t speak for the 2009 record stuff - haven’t tried it). At least not 4 times better to justify the cost.

Full gruppo is a wopping $7000, thats 4x what a red groupset retails for.

There is also no wireless component - it is wired from shifters all the way to the battery pack, the “brain” equipped front derailleur and the rear derailleur.

Links jason, I need hyperlinks.

I think bike radar has the best info out there. I don’t agree with their “It blows red out of the water” bit though.

Maybe on the front shifting which is pretty damn impressive - but then, IMO its still not worth the money even with my bitchy ultegra that loves to kick the chain off the big chainring.

I also find their concession to “old cycling habits” a bit strange. Its a button system - they could have put the buttons anywhere, in any position and really rethought the ergonomics of the “brifter” system. Instead they opted to have a virtual up and down side level system in common with all other shimano STI setups - as lame as the QUERTY keyboard really.

Time trialists are the only ones getting real innovation in shifter ergonmics - they’ve got a double set for shifting in aero and in the drops


I still cannot get over the cost - I’m setting up a full carbon bike (pretty similar to the one in that review) with a rival/force mix for less than HALF the cost of the partial (shifters and derailleurs) groupset. Unreal.