Dirt Jumping/Urban Expedition

Hey all…it’s getting colder fast and I’m not quite ready to stop riding my bike. As a change of scenery to the usual Mount Royal rides, I thought I’d try to throw together a day of urban riding and dirt jumping. Because the dirt jumps are out in the West Island, we should do this on the weekend to allow for more time. I was thinking either next Saturday (the 17th) afternoon at like 3pm, or maybe on the Sunday. Post here if there’s any interest and we’ll try to get something together. I have no idea exactly where the dirt jumps are, so that’s kind of dependent on Ben or some other knowledgable person coming along. Should be a good time.

Yeah, this is dependant on me getting my rear wheel fixed for my P2. Or borrowing someone’s rear wheel. For dirt jumping… never mind, bad idea.
I need to fix my wheel.

But I just got word that we may be joined by one of montreal’s resident dirt jump experts. In fact, he is directly responsible for many of the island’s jumps. Stay tuned for a date and time.

Nice…I work Saturday till 3 so if we can somehow work around that, I’d be pretty grateful.

sunday would probably be better for me so I can work saturday. Is that doable?

Sunday’s great for me.

This is most likely happening on sunday, around midday. More details to be announced. Still looking for a bike tho