Does anyone have SRAM?

Does anyone have any Sram Rival or greater shifters lying around that they may need to part with… I feel my shimano stuff is making me slow…

I have a FORCE front derailleur…still new basically (I bought the wrong size)

I’d also stay away from the 2009-2011 SRAM brakes.

If you change your shifters, you’ll need to change your deraillers too. The sram and shimano shifters do not have the same pulley ratios, so the shifters/deraillers are incompatible.

Dang. Well… I’ll be upgrading this winter then. My shifters got Reduced in size by asphalt on saturday/

That makes them lighter. Consider it a free upgrade to Dura-Ace. You ok though?

Ya.I am Fine… Seriously Scary looking road rash, but I was Super lucky I do kinda like the Few grams I saved, but Double tap is where it’s at