Drafting Etiquette

What is etiquette for drafting on total strangers if they pass you and you can keep up with them by drafting off them? Is it really annoying for said stranger or is it ok in the cycling world? Also is it different in an F1 circumstance or a bike path or road etc? Opinions anyone?

I think the polite thing to do anywhere (except the F1 track) is to ask, I’m never sure if the person wanted a nice solo ride or not. If somebody is behind them, they need to now warn you about stopping, holes in the ground, turns etc etc and you are influencing their ride.

On the track I don’t think people really mind because it’s a rather mindless ride. The case of jumping onto a paceline on the track is somewhat different, if you aren’t ready to do a pull at their speed you can be getting in the way when somebody makes a switch to the back of the line.

my 2 cents

I don’t know, you can’t really stop someone from doing it. It annoys me sometimes, and it really annoys me if they won’t take a pull. My rule was tolerate it for about 5 mins on Lachine canal, and if they still haven’t pulled through goose it for a while until you drop them. I grab on wheels sometimes but will ride up next to the guy and give a nod/give them the chance to tell me to get bent.