Easy Beginner Ride: CANCELLED 2:30 Thursday @ Roddick Gates

Hey y’all!

Phooey on the rain! We’re tough, fantastic, motivated athletes! Or at least we can pretend! Layer on the long underwear and let’s head out to the F1, where there’s no risk of accidents with cars from the slick conditions. Im thinking a shorter ride with sprints; maybe the following?

  • 1 lap: timed, medium-easy pace.
  • 10 laps: attempting even or negative ‘splits’ each lap (riding consistently at the same pace as the first timed lap, or faster, never going slower than the earlier lap). We can decide there whether or not to stop after each lap, or do the ten laps without stopping.
  • 2 laps: sprinting the first, and an even or negative split directly after

Feel free to bring mp3 players for the laps; goodness knows the motivational effects of Queen and Rihanna remixes.


  • Alex

Can’t make it for 12, but I will be out there at 2:30!

want to just move the ride to 2:30 then? Im not working yet so my day’s are open!

we’ll be expecting about 5mm of rain, I’ll post in case plans change

Hey y’all; I actually woke up with a bit of a sore throat, and thought it would go away for the afternoon, but it really hasn’t; Im thinking maybe it’s not the best idea for me to head out today. So sorry!

I’ll still be there!

@ anybody out there… why not text me if you’re coming?

416 970 4488