ECCC - Maine - Oct 6-7

Hey, ok we gotta figure this out soon and very soon ok. so next race is at sunday river in main (roughy 4h from mtl) so we would probably head down there on friday night and stay for the most part of the weekend

what is offered
Short Track XC
Dual Slalom

this will propably come out to be pretty expensive since we have to stay over there or something, so what are you guys thinking about that, who’s in?

I would really appreciate that we could figure the official list by Wednesday morning so we can see where we would sleep before everything is full down over there.

I’m in. That is Mordechai. Now that I’m in, I’ve got a few questions. At what time is the XC and how long is it? Did you say the name of the place is Sunday River? Any extra info would be great

I think this would answer all of your questions

an XC race is about 1h to 1h30 in general

the only thing is that ben is going for the DH, ie we would stay for the whole weekend since he has stuff on both days, I will do the XC, DS and probably the STXC since i’ll be there on sunday to

seb, are you gonna check on accommodations tomorrow? or do you need any help with that? just let me know if you need help organizing everything.


kk, i am just not sure of what i should try aiming at since we will stay both days down there and we need somewhere to put the bikes at night… what would you recommend on that? Mordechai, if you are still up for it, any suggestions?

When you guys register for these ECCC races, do you register under the McGill name? Do you have to be racing for a school?

we have to be “students”. but I think we register individually, as mcgill students, not as a team

its all individual mcgill student since there isnt really any team stuff in mtb

btw seb, maybe we should just try to get a two bedroom condo, and split the cost? It would be about $50/person for two nights, right? judging by their website (if we get the special discount, and if they are still available.) otherwise, I am still fine with camping.

lets finish the details tonight over there at the ride since everyone should be there. I’ll make the calls tomorrow in the afternoon.

Hey Ben

I spoke to Seb and Dave tonight and I can only come racing if we return on Saturday night. I work on Sunday at 3 so for me to participate, we would all be able to compete in the XC and the slalom on Sat morning but have to forego the Sunday leg of the race. I am willing to drive down in my car and I could get a rack for 2-3 bikes. Basically we would be set in terms of transport. For accomodations, what you have said sounds fine. Lets work this out.


so we simply need to find out who could come and when… we are 4 four right now, anyone else??

I dont know if you’ll see that, but we need to have you opinion on the subject!

I am not going to race the xc. sorry. I don’t have the bike for it, and I am so pumped to do a dh race. soooo pumped.

I’m going to pass on the trip, I’ll be doing the family Thanksgiving thing this year.
Good luck at the race.

soooo mordechai, would you like to held down there by yourself for the saturday and we would go there for both?

Anyone else would be up for a one day trip (leaving friday, coming back saturday night, XC and Dual Slalom on saturday)…

ok, so now, here is a plan

we could take a 1 room condo for the weekend, mordechai, would you be up driving pretty much by yourself for the day, unless someone else what to come for saturday only. I could stay with Ben for sunday.

It might end up being cheaper to take a motel but might be a bit further from the mountain, unless we go for the dorm style, but then we have to know what to do for food, bike and others…

I will make the calls this afternoon, so what is your take on that?

yeah, mordechai told me we should just book a room today, and he may or may not get down there.

i’ve book the room just to let you know, see you later today

Alright, here is some results

XC (Men C)
Mordechai 4th
Sebastien 5th
16 riders started, 1 dnf

Dual Slalom
Men C: Sebastien (eliminated in quarter finals, qualified 3rd)
Men B: Ben 3rd (overall, including riding in the mud since it rained and he was stick with his dirt tires)
Men A: Too much fun to look at…

Awesome location, sweet people, a place we have to go back