ECCC MTB Race number 1! Mount Snow, VT

So the first race is already upon us! Holy cow. All interested parties please sign up here. More info and preregistration available at:
click on the UMASS hyperlink to see the race flyer, and BikeReg is where you can preregister.

Remember, ANYONE who has paid their $90 team fees and is a full time student is eligible to race. Lots of categories for all levels of riders, even those people who have never raced before.

So excited! Am I actually the only MTB girl now? Something must be done about this.

I’d like to come but I don’t have a jersey yet, and I don’t have a USA Cycling license (but I have a UCI license)

Is there any way this can work for me?

no, there’s another girl, olivia, who’s really good who might be coming with us. Olivia, if you’re out there, sign up!

So we should all preregister tonight, that makes things way easier. Click on the link on the first post, and then follow the directions to BikeReg. Read the race flyer for more info about each individual race, and as for which category you should register for, I recommend starting low and then moving up. You CANNOT move DOWN a category, only up. Girls, might as well start in Women’s B, and then if you win, move up to women’s A the next time. Guys, up to you, like I said might as well aim low to begin with.

In other news, I’M GOING TO RACE TOO! Very excited. They have alumni categories for both XC and DH. Not sure about the superD, but that seems like it would suit my style. We’ll see.

Also, does anyone have any problem with camping? that would make the whole trip cheaper for everyone. (and also makes it easier to get up in the morning, I find.)

One other thing: Edwin, any chance that you might have a car that weekend? If not, don’t worry about it, just asking. But if you did, we could make a deal about the costs of the weekend.

justin, what number was the card I gave you? And olivia too, which one did you get?

i got card 051.
by the way, how what are the traveling arrangements?
and what do I do if i don’t have a jersey for the race this week end?

everyone who is planning on coming tomorrow needs to CALL ME TONIGHT. 514-569-8695


How did the races go?

amazing. Check back in the next couple days for a full race report/results. Basically, everyone was a little annoyed that we swooped in from the north and swept into the top 5 places n pretty much all our races.

sweet! congrats guys :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s great! Does anyone have any pictures of the race posted yet?

results are up on
check it out!

That was major ass kicking.
Nice entry ben as the token alum (though judging by times you would have beaten them out anyway)