ECCC race on thanksgiving

Ok, is it me or i just thought that there was a race at Lake Placid NY on these days, but now on the eccc website, the race is at Sunday River, ME… same dh, ds, sc, stxc… but in maine ? 4h drive according to google

there was definitely a rumour going around that the races were in lake placid…?

seems like it is no more there… alright

Ok, here is the plan to which i would go for and i want to know if anyone would like to join me.

Leave Montreal Friday Oct 5th, around 4:00-4:30pm sleep in a camping or something on friday night, do the Regular XC and dual slalom race on saturday and come back in montreal on saturday night (arrival around 10:00pm). I would like to do the cyclocross race on sunday in terrebonne, so this is why i would like to come back on saturday night.

So is there anyone who would like to come or i’ll have to do that by myself?