Edited: Wednesday Sept 7th Beginner Ride 7AM

This is the Beginner ride of the 4 scheduled rides a week through the fall.

We will leave from the Roddick Gates on the corner of McGill College and Sherbrooke at EDITED 7AM.

We are going to go to the F1 Track via the Bike Path at the bottom of Peel to practice riding shoulder to shoulder, riding in a pace line, and just getting to know people on the team.

Requirements: You must have a bike that has brakes, and a helmet.

The ride will be ~ 2 hours long and average ~25kph.

Bring a water bottle and sign up here so we know how many people we’re going to have and if we’ll need to break into two groups.



Oh that’s sad - one of the most-signed-up-for rides cancelled because of rain.

Postponed to Wednesday Morning 7am.

The title above has been modified to reflect that. I hope everybody can still make it.



Depending on how the ride goes I might go longer if anybody is interested.

In the event that it’s necessary to break into two groups, I could lead the second one.

Josef: Dennis mentioned that to me today as well. The plan will be to just leave anybody who wants to go for a longer ride at the F1 track and bring everybody else back to the gates.

Andrew: Nice.

Is there anyone driving from Mac Campus (or nearby)?

just bike from mac straight to the f1

Tentative yes, based on weather. Would stay late with you josef.

I’m without a bike for the next few days but I will definitely be at the next one!

will try to make this happen

I’ll try to make it assuming I get my road bikes pieced back together, my apt looks like a bomb went off and flung parts everywhere right now.

is this ride happening in the rain?

No if raining.

Also my last patch on my last tube just slow leaked. Ill trade a two twoonies for a tube at the gates if its not raining.

Canceled because of rain.

i’ll have to cancel, classes and all…

but i’ll look forward to meeting some folks on thursday

I am most likely going to be there but I’ve been sick lately so if I’m not there by 7:05ish don’t wait up.

Adam, what size valve stem do you need? I have a box o tubes.

It is a 30mm rim, so… 40+? I usually just buy “long ones”. I’ll pay you whatever you paid Jason. Thank you.

Sorry about classes guys, leaving the gates at 7, We will be back by 9:00 guaranteed so you will have time to stash your bike at your apartment and get to 9:30 class. For a ride before 8:30 Classes check the KOM ride I’ll be posting in about a minute.

Unfortunately have class at 8:30 but looking forward to the other rides.