Anybody (i.e. Jason?) able to braze on an attachment at the rear of my bike, for my bike trailer? Basically, all i need is to have an O-Ring or something similar welded onto my chain-stay to be able to attach my trailer, with the use of a bolt through the ring.

I need to move a ton of boxes tomorrow.

All I can do is a low temperature braze. Don’t have any access to any welders or acetylene right now.

No idea if it would be strong enough - ie doubtful. I might be able to machine something if you ask nicely though.

If all you need is a hole if you have a bolt on rear wheel we can just pass a plate with two holes off the axel out of the rear drop.

Call me. 514-569-3606.

thanks for the help. I finally installed a hose clamp around the chainstay. Will post a picture!