Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

Thinking about participating in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer?

As you may know, Team Paladin (Paladin Labs—a McGill Cycling sponsor!) has been named the #1 team for the last three years running in the Ride to Conquer Cancer (RTCC)! Last year, they led the way with 147 riders raising over $450,000 to support ongoing cancer research in Canada. This year, Team Paladin is back at it again with even more ambitious goals. Thanks to the strong relationship between McGill Cycling and Paladin Labs, we believe we can work together to do even more in the fight against cancer!

As a McGill Cyclist interested in riding with Team Paladin for the RTCC, Paladin Labs will offer an outstanding incentive package:
[] A free high-quality Team Paladin kit
] $200 in fundraising support to help you get started
[] $250 for every person you recruit to join Team Paladin on the RTCC
] Special team discounts at a certain bike shops (email for details)
[] Training rides to prepare for the event
] Guidance and support from riders who have done the RTCC before

As you can see, there is so much to gain by joining Team Paladin for the RTCC! Furthermore, you’ll be helping strengthen the team’s relationship with Paladin Labs, and—above all—helping to fund ongoing cancer research.

If you are interesting in helping Team Paladin Labs and McGill Cycling in the fight against cancer, please do not hesitate to email us at mcgill.paladin.rtcc@gmail.com for further information.

Thank you in advance for your consideration! We look forward to hearing from many of you!

I was with them last year and will be doing it again.

They really are a great group of people.

How much money does each individual need to raise?

Would it be possible to do this in Ontario? I won’t be in Montreal during the summer :frowning:

The RCC website says $2500 is the minimum amount to fundraise.

Hi all,

My name is Anthony Manouk, I am one of the coordinators of Team Paladin’s 2012 Ride. I’ve been talking with Andrew over the last few weeks about the possibility of bringing the McGill Cycling Club on board with Team Paladin in this year’s Ride to Conquer Cancer. I’m very excited at the prospect of recruiting some seasoned veterans like yourselves to our team.

Allow me to tell you a bit more about Team Paladin. The 2011 campaign marked our 3rd consecutive year of participation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer in Montreal and our 1st involvement in Alberta. Together, Team Paladin led the way with 147 riders raising over $450,000 to help support ongoing cancer research and care in Canada. Over the past three years, Team Paladin raised over $1.2 million! In 2012, Team Paladin is back at it again and going NATIONAL by forming a team in all 4 cities. We really plan on going HUGE this year, and are looking to eclipse our numbers from the previous 3 years. We’d love for you to join us on this adventure, and be a part of the #1 RTCC team.

Like Andrew mentioned, Team Paladin offers by far the best rider support of all teams in the Ride on all fronts (fundraising, training, information). I addition to the free high quality bike uniform, the 200$ start up donation , and the 250$ bonus for our virgin rider recruitment program, we have great monthly contests with prize/$donation giveaways!

Feel free to check out our team’s Montreal page:


Please do not hesitate to contact me (phone or email) should you need any further information.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

1-888-376-7830 x5421

DhruvB - It’s our first year participating in the Ontario ride, and we are definitely looking to add to our team!

Sounds great!

About the $2,500, it can add up very quickly. For example, let’s say you sign up and invite 4 people to ride on Team Paladin. That adds up to $200 + 4*($250) = $1,200!

Hey guys. I am a big fan of charity rides and raising money for a good cause, but you might want to read this just so you all know exactly what you’re participating in.


The sarcasm of the author is a bit much, but it definitely looks like he did his homework. That’s all I’m saying about that.

thecanadian.org isn’t in any way a biased, envirofascist site by any chance is it? :wink:

haha Jason I knew you would be the first one to comment here. I’ve never heard the term “envirofascist” before.

Well given that the only option really offered by those guys is economic death through authoritarian environmentalist, I think it’s a fitting term.

The eastern Enbridge pipeline is basically the fuel lifeline for much of the east coast and American Midwest and the Canadian mainline pipes into our own city. I’d rather deal with the occasional spill (and there has been precisely 1 serious one since 1950) than crumble the economy.

BC is in debt up to their eyeballs, they cannot turn away sources of revenue like pipelines. I certainly don’t want to be part of another generation of debtors, the boomers screwed up bad enough already for the lot of us.

And either way, the editorial position there doesn’t really allow for a really nuanced discussion of the serious issue of just exactly where fundraising money actually goes. You can be damned sure the bulk of it doesn’t end up in the hands of the researchers at any rate.

Envirofascists and feminazis will start the new world order.

Don’t forget the veganarchists. Yes, you read that right: veganarchists.

Well Jason, leaving politics aside, I agree with your last point that the final destination of money raised from these types of events is far from clear, and its trajectory from start to finish is rarely transparent. That’s all I wanted to accomplish by posting this article, just to get people thinking a little more deeply about how this all works.

That said, I do not believe that oil pipelines are the only way our generation can avoid becoming a “generation of debtors”

This is probably a better article then. Especially with regards to the much vaunted Canadian Cancer Society.

The amount of money actually winding up anywhere close to the coffers of actual research groups has basically stagnated despite massive growth in total operational budget.

As for the pipline: that thing is potentially worth 14 billion from direct corporate taxation alone. We need every penny AND restructuring.

To be honest, as naive as it may sound, I do believe that the money raised in events like this one ends up doing a lot of good. I have a colleague here at Paladin that has worked in the field of oncology for over 7 years, and half of that time was spent in research. She has repeatedly stated that a good part of the funding they received was a direct result of big fundraising events such as this one. Last year in Quebec alone, the RTCC raised $6.7 million, if only one sixth of the money (underestimating) finds its way to funding research at the Jewish General… that’s still over a million $ we were able to contribute to the war against cancer.

I’m done preaching :wink:

For those interested:

Team Paladin is autionning off two of the very best front row seats for tomorrow’s game at the Bell Center.

It’s Montreal VS Ottawa TOMORROW at 7:30 pm in in Section 113. This may be a feel-good opportunity for Canadiens fans as the Habs have beaten the Sens every game they’ve face each other in 2011/2012.

Let me know if you’re interested!

In addition to all the incentives to join Team Paladin for the Ride to Conquer Cancer above, Paladin Labs will now be offering a $500 donation to each McGill Cyclist that joins! This means it will be even easier to reach the $2500 goal since you’d already be starting out at $700. If you’re interesting in joining, let me know!