End of the Year Banquet / Party

Hey Everyone!

We are coming up on the end of the academic year, and soon many of you will be leaving McGill for the summer to return to your homes in lands far far away. This past year, we have all shared some fantastic rides, spin classes, plyo workouts, and race weekends. Before everyone goes home for the summer, I want to have a party to celebrate the end of another successful year for McGill cycling, and to honour all of our outstanding team members who have made big contributions to this success.

In addition to spending time with your teammates in a social setting, we will have some awards:

Top Male
Top Female
Rookie of the Year
Most Improved Rider

There will also be a few “special” awards I will be keeping secret until the evening itself.

I think the best time to have the dinner would be the Sunday evening after returning from Dartmouth. The last races should finish by 1:30pm, so we shouldn’t have a problem to get back by 5pm, and have the dinner at 6.

Party: 6pm Sunday April 25th.
and of course, even if you are unable to attend Dartmouth, I would love to have everyone out for the party

I am contemplating 2 formats for the night:
1: Dinner at a restaurant (hopefully <$30) followed by either a pool party at my place or go to a bar
2: Order pizzas and just have the party at my place

Please indicate if you will attend, and which format you would prefer.

Count me in

Option 1 sounds better with the pool party.

I’m big into Pizza Pool Parties. +1 Wife, +1 Peter III

Will definitely come. Would prefer option 2

Also coming, and as a certified unemployed person, I would also prefer option 2, the cheaper option.

Does option 2 still include the pool?

Also must be mentionned for those who can’t go to Darmouth that there will be the Ste-Martine Qc season opener on that day. So whichever option I don’t mind, so long as the portions are generous :slight_smile:

OK good. So someone else is also going to St Martine. I’ll look out for you Jon.

I’ll try to make the party as well…

I’ll bring some of my belgian “cancellara” ale.

option 2.
i might go to martine, I remember my brother going a couple of years ago, isn’t that an “easy” race?

either option is fine with me.

I don’t mind either

I’ve got two exams the next day. I might come but I won’t stay long…

Count me in, I’m all down for ordering pizza, I’m double-all-down for ordering Amelio’s.

hey Brandon, I’ve just checked the race schedule on bikereg (http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=10545) and 6pm in Montreal seems pretty tight.
Men’s A are probably the ones that will finish last.
We start at 11am and have 117km to do (at 40km/h on a somewhat hilly terrain, we have a good 3 hours of racing). 30 minutes to change and pack the cars.
From Hanover to Montreal is 3:30 if we’re lucky at the border.
This brings us to a very optimistic time of arrival of 6pm in Montreal if we were to go straight to your place.
I would see us arrive more realistically around 7pm.


I don’t mind any


Based on everyone’s suggestions we will go for the second option: Pizza and Pool Party at my place. I will post the address in the members only section.

Mat: For some reason I thought the race was ~70km, not 70 miles so you are right: we will have to push it back a little to say, 7-7:30. I will also have to figure out what to put in my feed bag…?

Bring your own BEvERages and $10 for the pizza fund. I would order some Amelios, but they are in fact closed on Sunday. Sorry Jon, I will find somewhere else to order pizza from.

Also to re-iterate: This is not just for racing people, it’s for everyone in the club to get a chance to spend some time together while not riding bikes. Hope to see EVERYONE there!

can someone add me to the team section, and/or send me directions.

Hey drew, you should be a full-fledged “team” forum member now. let me know if you can see the hidden section.

I might be back in town in time, not sure yet.

We are back in Canada but will not be there in time for 7. The gathering has been postponed until 8.