Energy drink sponsor?

A friend of mine in LA has developed a new energy drink called Prolong and is looking to spread the word to the east coast via the McGill cycling team. He’s a cyclist himself in addition to being a PhD biochemistry candidate. John (the founder) races for the UCLA cycling team and has used Prolong exclusively during the Everest challenge last year (29,035ft of climbing over two days!) and placed 3rd, so this guy understands the requirements of cyclists.

I got a few sample packets of it and used them this summer for the Tour de Beauce (cyclosportive) and the Whiteface race in NY. I was pretty impressed with it. It’s designed as an endurance energy drink, for rides over and hour. And it’s designed so that you can use it exclusively on long rides with a combination of simple/complex carbs, soy protein minerals and vitamins. As was discussed not to long ago, it is really important to be taking in calories while riding, especially rides over an hour. As many of you know (and the rest will soon learn)…I’m a bit of a food nazi after spin classes. And I would argue that liquid calories are the best way to acquire them during and immediately after riding.

Oops, I’m rambling now. Long story short, he’s willing to give us a pretty significant discount on Prolong. But before we officially pursue this as a sponsor I wanted to know what kind of interest there was. So please sign up if this is something that you would be interested in.

For more information check out their website:

i think this should say “I like food i don’t need to chew”

definitely would be down to try it. Also, I agree with Alex.

Who cares what it does to your performance, what does it taste like?

The flavour I had was called subtle citrus. And it’s not bad. It actually is very subtle, so you don’t get sick of it after an hour (which can be problem with more heavy handed beverages). And I believe that they have a blueberry flavour in development that I think will be released any day now. I’ve heard good things.

Texture wise, it’s a bit dense if you use the recommended two scoops per bottle (but this provides you with 270 cal!!). But I used a half serving and it went down real smooth like.

i’d like to try it too - I prefer chunky/thick fluids to a lot of solids since for some reason I have trouble getting stuff down on rides once and a while.

A blueberry flavor sounds questionable…

I would prefer Shockolate, or Rawberry.

haha, Rawberry! What a great idea. I think I’m gonna have Rawberry cocktails at my halloween party.

SO when do I get me some of this drank?

I will be in LA next week, and will talk to John about the details then. Glad to see so much interest.

We are hopefully getting our hands on free samples by next week. If you are interested in trying either new improved citrus flavour, or Blueberry stay tuned for details.

ooo, I like their bottles. They match our kits. Tell him give us bottles or no go. 8)

If I feed this stuff to my son, will he become superhuman?


Samples are here!!

Details on getting a free taste and ordering info is in the team only section. The samples will go fast, so sign up soon if you are interested.

Tomorrow is the last day for you to get your hands on FREE samples of prolong. See the team only section for details on how to get your hands on some.

Since the website changes occured, I can no longer see the Team Only section. Am I cut?

Samples have arrived and I will be handing them out this week. We have both LemonLime and Blueberry flavours. I will be in the lobby of Stewart Bio from 12 to 12:15 on Tues, wed and thurs only. I will only bring as many samples as people tell me are coming. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to put signups on the new forum. So please email if you will be coming one of these days (please specify which day). Supplies are limited, so I cannot guarantee that samples will last until Thursday.

Ordering info:

We are getting a ridiculously good deal on this stuff. Specifically:

$35 (USD) for the 4.5lbs container + free bottle. Unfortunately, due to supply issues, the bottels will not be available until after new years. Normally this package would cost >$60. I will be putting an order in before I leave on Saturday, so here is what you need to do if you would like to order now:

  1. email with the quantity and flavour that you would like.
  2. get me the appropriate funds by Friday at noon. Unless the CDN swings wildly between now and then, please bring $38.50CDN (or $35USD). Cash preferred (and no, I don’t have change), cheques accepted. Ideally this can happen when I’m downstairs to hand out samples. Otherwise, indicate in your email when you cam meet me.

If you are unable to make this order, another one will probably go out around February. This deal is only available for those who have paif full team fees.

For more information check out Prolong’s site

To be clear. The prolong that you can acquire this week is the free samples. The $38 container order is being gathered this week, however the delivery will not be until January. Please specify which you are interested when you email