Exec Elections 2012-2013 (April 12, 7PM)

It’s the time of year where the current MCT executive must pass on the torch to the next group. It’s an exciting process where fresh ideas and directions breathe new life into the team. We are following a very simple process for elections outlined below. WE NEED EVERYONE TO BE THERE!!! EVEN THOSE NOT RUNNING!!! Come out and support the incoming exec, share your views during the Q&A portion, ENJOY SOME FREE FOOD!!! (Pizza + Soda)

  1. Any Club or Team member can nominate themselves or others. You can run for as many positions as you wish, but prepare a speech for each one. (Speech is short, Less than 5 min with the actual time determined by number of candidates.)
  2. The positions are listed below
  3. Elections will be held on Thurs April 12th 7-8:30 pm (place TBD)
  4. You must be present at the meeting to vote but you can submit your name to be elected if you cannot come.
  5. No other campaigning of any kind is permitted.
  6. Voting will occur immediately following the speeches and question periods for all positions.

Other things to note
• The incoming executive will have an overlap period to learn as much as we can show you.
• Not all positions need to be in Montreal during the summer.
• Participation on the executive tends to be about 2-3 hours a week avg during the school year.
• The exec works together as a team and support each other when necessary. There is a lot of overlap and we lean each other to get the job done. (Example – Jersey order – VP Jersey, Finance, Membership all coordinate the project)
• It’s awesome fun!
• If you have questions (EDIT*) or will run for a position email adam.bouchard@mail.mcgill.ca

I will act as an Elections Officer but will not be vetting any candidates, just making the schedule, running the clock for speeches and ordering pizza.
Positions up for grabs (also the order of the speeches)

(EDIT*) You may submit your name for one or multiple positions before Wednesday at 7PM and if you win multiple positions you will take the highest of them on the list below. You can also nominate yourself from the floor but only if a position has no one running.

Oversight, general guidance, interface with FQSC, French and asset but not required, Keeps the rest of the executive on track. Makes the final decision on matters where the exec is grid locked.

VP Treasurer:
Over see the teams annual budget. Be the money man for all MCT transactions. Ensure the financial health of the MCT.

VP Sponsorship/Fundraising:
Excellent communication skills essential. Ability to draft professional quality emails and pitches. Established network in the Montreal area preferable (best suited for someone in Montreal during the summer).

VP External:
Interface with SSMU, McGill Athletics, FQSC, and ECCC.

VP Events + Training (2 positions):
Over see the events committee. Spearhead the organization of Races, KOM, the Vermonster, Training camps, Winter Training etc. Big jobs, but you will have help.

VP Jerseys:
will oversee the commit for our jersey order and make sure we are well supplied to meet the needs of racers, club members, alumni, and sponsors. You will also run the online store on the website.

VP Internal
Responsible for the fall recruiting, the listservs and maintaining the constitution.

Good Luck to everybody.

Adam Bouchard

Wish I could make it… working til 8… good luck to the Next Generation :smiley:

When we figure out a place you should come buy for pizza anyways.

Hello everyone. I want for you all to know that some positions currently have no one running:

VP - External
VP Events 1 and 2

I recommend everybody who has had a great time on a trip this year give some serious props to the work that Emily, Josef and Jocelyn have done and sign up for the VP Events position to fill their shoes and keep the future as awesome.

VP External gets to do more paperwork than any other position so it can mostly be done with email but you do get to go to meetings with food at McGill Athletics. :slight_smile:

Send me your nominations and questions at adam.bouchard@mail.mcgill.ca
(you can also nominate somebody besides yourself, but I’ll ask them if they want it)

We just got the room booking.

Thursday April 12 - Otto Maass 428. 7 - 9 pm.

Comfiest chairs in the building.

There has been some confusion about the signup button…

It means you’re coming and I can know how much pizza.

If you want to run for a position or nominate somebody you email me before 7pm tonight.


The only uncontested position remaining is the VP External.

I’ll see you all tomorrow.


are the candidates going to be posted before the meeting?

The following list are the candidates. We will be taking nominations from the floor only for JERSEYS or if a candidate withdraws from their Acclaimed position.

Will Goodfellow
Eric Burge

Neal Weiss

Dhruv B
Eric Burge

Julien Gagnon




Thank you to everyone who put their hat in the ring. After I ran the numbers it turns out that we are scheduled from 7 - 9 pm to fit in question periods for all the candidates.

I will see you all tomorrow. I will be ordering PIZZA at 7:00 so eating should start ~ 8PM.



let the bribes begin!!! …? ahaha just joking!

Here is an incentive to come and run for the Jersey position.

We are required by McGill to not use the Crest anymore on our jerseys… You may have noticed that we use a really really big one. So the entire design needs to be rethought.

As Jersey Person you get to spearhead the design of the Jersey setup we will be using for years. It is a position with a lot of glory.

I am also going to order the pizzas really simply: Several All-dressed and several cheese. If somebody has a crazy combination besides that let me know.

I have also been reminded that it is currently Passover, I do not have any good idea of how to accommodate those observing with a pizza order… Let me know if we can help you out too.

See you tonight.


Won’t be here next year, can I still run for jerseys?

I would say that if you are here through summer and fall, and will take the responsibility of recruiting the next person then yes.

Matzah Pizza!

I won’t be there anyways but I already broke passover with a pizza after Yale… The matzah just wasn’t doing it for me post-race.

I will start the meeting promptly at 7:05 so that we can sit down and get comfortable once we have the room at 7.

All of the voting for acclaimed positions will happen at the end of the meeting (8:50)

The presidency vote happens at 7:30 after their speeches so that they will have an opportunity if they win or lose to either withdraw from another election or sign up for the Jersey position.

The same is true for the Internal Vote at 7:55

OTTO MAASS Chemistry building. ROOM 428.

If you get to the building early come hang out with me in my office room 215. I’ll be printing ballots and stealing pens.

The building is locked at some point between 7:15 - 7:45 depending on the guards on duty. Text me to be let in,

514-458-3685. I’ll send people down.

Congratulations to the New Executive:

President - Will
Sponsorship - Julien
Finance - Neal
Internal - Eric
Jerseys - David
Events+Training - Dennis and BenBlake
External - Adam.

We really appreciated the turnout and will be taking all your great recommendations to heart going into the summer.

Good night everybody.

Boush out.