EXEC MEETING, 3/14: Race Planning for Yale/Organization for Next Year

hello friends,

john did an incredible job organizing everything for rutgers, but we need to organize for this upcoming race a bit sooner so it doesn’t fall to one person to have so much responsibility. come to my place on sunday night, march 14th, around 6:30 to start planning for yale and at the same time, discuss what’s going to happen next year in terms of team organization and other logistics. i’ll probably have made raspberry muffins by this point, but bring food if you want some.


*note: just realized it was pi day. there will be pie, not muffins.

Any chance we could do later? I have a soccer game 6:30-8 but I will bail on that if necessary

Great initiative Allison!
I will be out of town from August 2010 to July 2011, so anyone interested in being in charge of the jersey order next year, this meeting would be a great time/place to discuss.

looks like the time is going to stay the same. come when you can, hopefully there’ll still be pie.

Pizza pie or dessert pie?

as long as it’s a circle, it’s fair game for 3.14


Nevermind, I will be there

so i swear i saw ur address somewhere on the forum but i cant seem to find it anymore…i remember it being St Urbain but not the number… thanks!

Same for me, I don’t know where it is…