Expensive. Very expensive


Ugly. Very Ugly.

That’s a joke right? It weighs 20 lbs!!!

Yeah well my bike has a house attached to it. A HOUSE. I mostly use it as a house.

Some of integration that went into this is actually interesting, like the integrated lights in the seat mast and the handlebars. The hydraulic braking system is also really well done. I really don’t like the rest of the bike, but I guess it’s not really meant to be ridden anyway.

It’s based off a previous bike by an F1 sensor company, so some of the analytics it can give are pretty crazy
(breathing rate, wind, bike and rider angles, etc)

But yeah, it’s far from the prettiest, fastest, lightest or best handling bike you could get, regardless of cost.

The side view of the fork is especially hideous.

Wheel design looks crappy and the fork doesn’t look up to the task of force or heat dissipation. Integrated computer looks like a piece of crap.

And it weighs 20 lbs. That’s more than my alloy soloist with middling wheels.